ACAV works in correlated sectors, having a development vision whose aim is to have social collective consequences. The development programs reply to the basic needs: water, food, school and training, health.

The complexity of the territories in which we work requires to us to intervene in a cross-border way. The Communities who live in the Regions on the border with Uganda, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo aspire to share policies, programmes and good practices in order to realize an harmonic development. The hardly reached pacification could strengthen only if it is accompanied with the economic social and civil progress for which ACAV worked to.

ACAV can rely on strengthened relations of mutual trusts. The attention to the most vulnerable members of society has led to a widespread development and the awareness of being able to walk on the path of development.

The most significant results are going to be seen in some years, according to the capacity of each Community to handle with the water source, to use the granted amount, to redistribute and share the results with its neighbours. In order to make sure these results, our commitment is continuous and deep.


Activity types:

Cross-border relations



Water and sanitation




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