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ACAV is an NGO established in 1985, officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which operates in Africa. ACAV is currently working in Sub Saharan Africa: Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

According to ACAV, the dignity and the happiness of each human being are fundamental values. For this reason we promote the culture of brotherhood, building solidarity bridges with Africa. We realize sustainable and shared projects with transparency and respecting the context, recognizing the value of the cultural exchange, of the comparison and of the reciprocal enrichment.


Qualification to conduct cooperation activities in developing countries according to art. 28 paragraph 3, of the law of 26th February  1987, n. 49 ministerial decree n. 1987/128/4185/0D of the 14th September 1988 in the sector of:
  • Short- and medium-term Project realization
  • Selection, training and sending of civil service voluntaries
  • Information activity, development education

From Italy to Africa

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ACAV projects


An incisive development programme that facilitates the institutionalization and growth of the development and politics relations' generation to strengthen the population potentiality. Partnerships, best practices, dialogue between communities and authorities; development cooperation reinforces across the borders the process of pacification.  

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The education is the driving force for development. ACAV promotes the education of the young generations investing in teachers’ preparation and facilitating access to vocational schools and to the world of work.

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Agriculture promotion means food security. ACAV provides training to improve the technical skills of farmers and promotes the use of selected seeds. The increase in agricultural production supports income and development.

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Water is life, health, development. ACAV gives access to safe water, to prevent illnesses related to the use of contaminated water and to improve the daily lives of women and girls.

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ACAV method


local human resources sharing project audit and accounting management and procedures, also in strategic roles.


aims and methods with the local partners, carrying out programs in a cooperative way starting from their proposals.


the local community and the civil society, being careful to traditions and local culture, so as to be protagonist of their choices and of the construction of their future.


sustainable interventions in time and appropriated to the economic, human, managerial resources of the African communities.

New construction projects in Koboko thanks to EU-funded project

During the last week of October, the Koboko Municipal Council started construction works in 12 sites worth about 850,000 million shillings (about EUR 200,000). The construction sites are part of the works and services contracted in the second year of the “CRRF: Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility” project, implemented by the Koboko Municipality, with the […]
November, 2022

Bring ACAV where you are

Have you ever thought to do something in order to build a fairer world? We can do it together! With ACAV you change your values into actions, you become an active voice of the civil society, able to spread and wide ACAV values, its projects in Africa and to promote new projects, striking partnerships with local […]
29 March, 2015


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