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Francesca Dallapè, the Italian champion of diving in sync, from 2012 is testimonial of ACAV


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ACAV and Francesca chose to walk along part of their life, of their experiences.


Francesca Dallapè with ACAV for Africa

Francesca, in Africa, saw the projects that ACAV is implementing in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. We shared her the dreams of millions of women, men and children who struggle with every day trying to build a future of dignity and rights thanks to the concrete answers that ACAV implements in this territory.


Francesca : “I am really honored to have been chosen as the face of this project! I feel a lucky person, as indeed we all are, who live in a country and in a context where we have everything and we do not realize that, unfortunately, we can also afford to throw away important resources like water! In Africa, this cannot happen because the water is used to live and is an indispensable resource! I hope that my testimony can sensitize people to awareness and to help those who are less fortunate!”




Video-diaries from Africa with ACAV:


Video-diaries from Francesca’s everyday life:


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