New construction projects in Koboko thanks to EU-funded project

During the last week of October, the Koboko Municipal Council started construction works in 12 sites worth about 850,000 million shillings (about EUR 200,000). The construction sites are part of the works and services contracted in the second year of the “CRRF: Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility” project, implemented by the Koboko Municipality, with the technical assistance of ACAV and financed by the European Union.

The projects of the works started include a number of important works such as renovation of schools, creation of latrines in schools and public places, construction of infrastructure for markets, and buildings for teachers.

During the projects launch, Koboko District Commissioner Tom Olinga thanked ACAV for supporting the Koboko Municipal Council in securing this funding from the European Union, the first of its kind in the entire country. Tom Olinga reported that the project’s objective feeds directly into Uganda’s dream of being a middle-income country. “The peaceful co-existence and well-being of people, both refugees and host communities, is the essence of this entire project,” Olinga said. “It is what will lead us to middle-income status.”

ACAV Director Pierluigi Floretta, who attended the opening ceremonies, emphasised the importance of the involvement of stakeholders in the projects, for transparency and accountability. It is also an opportunity to communicate to the beneficiary community the work that will be carried out, the project budget, the results to be achieved and the objectives for the community. In addition, Floretta promised ACAV’s continuous technical assistance to ensure that the project is implemented efficiently.

This year, a total of 21 projects (16 construction works and 5 services) worth more than 3 billion shillings (almost EUR 800,000) have already been procured. The remaining 9 projects, some of which are awaiting authorisation by the Attorney General, will be launched soon.

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