Organizational structure

ACAV believes that resources have to be used efficiently. For this reason it reduced its personnel both in Italy and Africa, even if it increased its workability, in order to best finalise the raised funds. 

ACAV gave more competences and assignments to local African staff aiming to build an efficient and effective structure fully able to carry on projects and that has a responsible and sustainable cooperation manner.



Directive Board

Giacomo Merlo – President

Laura Velia Strada  – Vice President

Ivan Alberti

Raffaele Crocco

Renzo Franceschini

Giorgio Boneccher

Giambattista Toller


Board of Statutory Auditors

Anna Giordano

Stefano Tomazzoni 

Ruggero Trentin


Supervisory Authority

Barbara Camorali

Lorenzo Modanese

Michele Russolo


NGO Director

Elisabetta Bozzarelli 


Uganda, DRC and South Sudan Director

Pierluigi Floretta 


Honorary Members

Fulvio Micheli



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