Updates on the EUTF project

The role of ACAV in this project of the European Union, is to support the municipals administrators from the planning to the implementation of a project that aims to improve the action plan for the management, the security and the wealth of the refugees and the local communities. 

Some activities linked to this project have already been introduced and triggered in the Koboko district. Among these there are some activities concerning the actual situation generated by coronavirus.

In this regard, Joel Azabo, the sanitary inspector, refers that some challenges have been faced since the start of the pandemic emergency of Covid-19, but these have been faced thanks to ACAV, that has nominated a special staff to support the realization of the prevention process. The special unity for Covid-19 has been supported on a technical and material level through supply of medical furniture and through a radiophonic public campaign of awareness.

Azabo add also that this is a great opportunity for the technician and administrator staff of the municipality, to learn, to ensure that the project reaches the expected results. The administrators stuff also committed to improve the mobilization of the refugees and the local community and their involvement in the project.

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