The project “We are going to tell you a story” is part of the programs related to Global Citizenship Education (GCED) promoted by ACAV that is locally operating through curricular, educational and information activities.

The aim is to develop the commitment in the promotion of solidarity culture and of reciprocity values especially among the youngest generations.

The programs, starting from some sustainable development goals, are involving as protagonists pupils, families, teachers and school community as a whole.

The aim is the promotion of an active citizenship model and of the awareness of the interconnection between one’s actions, life in society and impact of all of this on a local and global level.

WHERE: Municipality of Trento, Italy


Nowadays, citizenship education cannot leave out of consideration the knowledge and awareness of the context where we live in and of the global interdependence dealing with common problems.

The project wants to provide an opportunity for discussion with the world community and its features; an important comparision that leads to the understanding of diversity, the possibility of a dialogue with it.


Nursery School Virginia De Panizza (Canossiane Trento);

Nursery Schools Provincial Federation;

Institute Pavoniano Artigianelli;

Tavolo Tuttopace;

Association “Amici Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II”;

Association “46° Parallelo”;


Schools of every degree levels are nowadays upon to provide an active citizenship education and solidarity. The activities are functional to the values construction on which life in society and the democracy itself are based.

It is necessary to develop educational tools and innovative learning experiences being more and more able to involve at an individual level, to value personal abilities and to accompany students in their path of identity building.

The project aims at the building of more and more interconnected skills for an individual being able to cooperate, to make functional choices, to develop cognitive dynamism, to learn in real time, to organize and interconnect their knowledge, to face difficult and complex situations with appropriate reasoning and argumentation. 

On the ground we have gained the experience, in the area of GCED, that considers prominent to connect multidisciplinary skills with the socio-cultural context in which the school institution is and operates. It is important to pay attention not only to educational partnerships between schools and families but also with the institutional and associative world of the area.


Teacher training: a 10-hour training course for 30 teachers in order to deepen the sustainable development’s goals and to develop new and innovative educational tools in the areas of citizenship and solidarity.

Pedagogical parnership with the nursery schools provincial Federation: in order to begin a Global Citizenship Education course from early childhood, ACAV will cooperate with this Federation to spread this project in the local reality.

Three-year educational project at Canossiane school: the pilot project at Canossiane’s nursery school will investigate during its three years of duration, three objectives of the ONU Agenda 2030 for the Sustainable Development, with support of educational activities and learning experience. Alongside families, others local actors and realities (such as Tavolo Tuttopace, the Municipality of Trento and the Municipal Library) will be synergically involved in this educational activity. 

Book collection: Artigianelli Institute will curate the realization of a report-book for every year of the pilot project which will be presented within the territorial community and then distributed in the library system.

Creation of a permanent Observatory-Portal: in order to collect and spread good practices and educational activities on the web, the creation of both an online multimedial platform and of an Obervatory to deepen the implementation of Sustainable Development is planned.


Main objective: promoting a global citizenship education among the youngest generations, by networking various reference subjects of the the school world and by training the teaching staff on the issues related to sustainability and cooperation.

In detail:

  1. building transversal projects which include reflections on some goals of the sustainable development; repercussions on school, familiar and citizenship levels are expected in a perspective of Global Community Education;
  2. strengthening educational partnerships between school, family and urban environment in order to offer increased awareness on the possibility of a new educational approach both to individual educator and to the reference context;
  3. supporting the awareness that every adult or child’s citizen can offer their own positive contribution to the building of a perspective of interdependence among peoples where the choices of each of them will represent an opportunity of a possible improvement.


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