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FORMATIVE PROPOSAL 2015/2016 (pdf_ita)


Often the educational agencies, the media report a deficit of youth participation in social life of the community expressed through a tendency to distrust institutions, an individualistic approach that focuses on the here and now and a consequent disengagement from the great issues of our time. Researched the observers of the Autonomous Province of Trento (such as IPRASE) and national, observe these shortcomings and ask the educational agencies inside and outside the world of education, the family, to keep them in view as problematic to deal with.

The school in different ways and contexts, with educational activities ad hoc, seeks to educate active citizenship and solidarity, which means building the foundation of values, meanings, rules, rights, sensitivity on which rests the concept of democracy, namely educating the debate, to respect the rules, points of view, diversity, the fatigue of thinking, confront and mediate, of living together, the ability to communicate and participate.

Educating for citizenship and solidarity today is not possible without a knowledge and awareness of the wider context in which we live and by a comparison on a world view that allows to understand the diversity, to meet and talk with it.

In this context you may enter the partnership with ACAV, who has a background and internal expertise capable of activating pathways, projects and initiatives of education for citizenship and solidarity; working knowledge and understanding of their world – from local to global – on the awareness of the value and consequences of their actions with respect to the community, and the importance of assuming responsibility and commit themselves to the community at large .

Have the means, the space and the opportunity to intervene effectively, influence and engage in actions and activities that can contribute to building a better society needs are strongly felt by young people. Along with these, the need to relate, feel recognized and project themselves into challenges of values ​​”strong” as proposed by the great themes linked to solidarity: opportunities to build together with the creators of tomorrow the conditions for sustainable development and focused on rights, dignity and social justice.

Acav promotes in collaboration with schools paths awareness to issues of international solidarity also inserted permanently into classroom curriculum.

The routes identified with the teachers, aim to grow, especially among the younger generation, the commitment to promote the culture of solidarity and values ​​of reciprocity in Trentino and in the world, involving young people as protagonists.

Traditionally, the implementation of measures, at the request of teachers, was organized with didactic presentations on the cultural reality, economic and social Africa, the role of cooperation and the problems of the South. In recent years, thanks to the presence of people with multi-disciplinary skills, including teaching, within ACAV, the renewals of the methods and approaches of education cooperation towards younger people.

The project aims to put in place a number of actions related to some of the themes developed by ACAV through projects of development cooperation, to stimulate the active participation of young people and their creativity, build bridges of solidarity and maturation of awareness that their actions have repercussions in the territory of belonging and worldwide.


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