The Keri’s bridge




This bridge is the symbol of the cross-border project with which ACAV contributes to build relationship and peace bridges among peoples at the borders with Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. We promotes meeting among communities’ and governments’ representatives, and favoured the debate, the experience exchange and the projects for future collaborations. A small bridge, financed by also the Municipality of Trento and by the students of the Leonardo Da Vinci high school of Trento, proves a new proximity and the possibility of communication and collaboration.


“Another feature that particularly struck us  was the great inauguration party of the bridge on the Keri river. Indeed the authorities during their discourses affirmed the importance of the bridge which connects the two banks of the Congolese river and of an abstract bridge which joins the Kawka ethnic community, divided by the geographic borders. The infrastructure that ACAV built is a proximity symbol both of the Kakwa people and between us and them.”

Stefania e Martina Santarelli







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