Under the Mango tree..

A video-photographic representation of 2008 which aims to make know Africa.

This exhibit buds from the desire to meet the community of Trentino with an African reality, Uganda, where ACAV realizes many projects, and its purpose is to make grow the culture of solidarity, of human rights respect and of cultural diversity.

It displays pictures of population daily life and children drawings showing the reality of their world.

“Under the mango…” the tree, meeting place of the village, from there a slow and, sometimes, invisible process which leads to a new society starts.

The exhibition is available for those who request it, call at +39 0461 935893 and bring in your city, in your village, the images of the million people who live in Africa.


Catalogue of the exhibition “Under the mango tree..”



Drawings made by Ugandan children of the exhibition “Under the mango tree..”



Discover th photo exhibition Africa from two perspectives



  •  “We believe in this project because a bridge is something that joins, connects, brings us closer to people more unfortunate than us. For example, the Leonardo Da Vinci’s bridge is famous because it has to be built by at least two persons: one more reason to think to the bridge as cooperation between peoples.”

Students of the Leonardo Da Vinci high school – Trento


  • “Solidarity means to put in somebody else’s hands”

Children of the III class of the Crispi elementary school – Trento


  • “A feature that particularly struck me was that the Association involves people in the Community’s development. I believe that including local people and making them feeling partakers in their progress is a good strategy on which to rely on. So it is possible to make them more willing to improve their life conditions: it is clear that something realized with a personal contribution make people proud of it and, so, more inclined to go on on the same way.”

Arianna Scartezzini, Giovanni Prati high school – Trento


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