We are a group of students of the Leonardo Da Vinci high school, of the Linguistic high school and of the Institute de Carneri that wants to contribute with ACAV to share the solidarity value and the collaboration among peoples and communities.

We sustain the cooperation project between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to contribute to the pacification process so that it could consolidate more and more.

We built a bridge on the Keri river in order to put in contact the communities divided by the countries’ borders which were arbitrarily decided at the end of colonialism.

This bridge will facilitate communication and exchanges between peoples, but we believe that it represents the possibility to build relationships and so we commit ourselves for those who still live without rights. Keri is the name of the river where we built the bridge…

you are also Keri, who listens to us and makes our aim possible: to be to bridge between Uganda and our community.


With ACAV to make grow the commitment to promote the solidarity culture and the reciprocity value in Trentino and in the world, particularly among the young generations, through solidarity education courses which involve young people as protagonists.

The project’s purpose is to implement different actions concerning few matters elaborated with ACAV, through also cooperation projects for development, in order to stimulate an active participation of young people and their creativity, the creation of solidarity bridges and the awareness that one’s actions have repercussions on the belonging territory and worldwide.


Keri’s Bridge

This bridge is the symbol of the cross-border project with which ACAV contributes to build relationship and peace bridges among peoples at the borders with Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. We promotes meeting among communities’ and governments’ representatives, and favoured the debate, the experience exchange and the projects for future collaborations. A small bridge, financed by also the Municipality of Trento and by the students of the Leonardo Da Vinci high school of Trento, proves a new proximity and the possibility of communication and collaboration. (see more..)


Our journey

The personal and concrete experience allows to live first-hand the experience of solidarity and of the values that push action, in an engaging way. (see more..)




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